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Medications at School

Please make every effort to give your child's medication at home. School staff may only administer medications if the student has a Physician Authorization for Medications form on file. 

Provisions are also provided for students to self-administer emergency and/or rescue medicine per medical provider approval. Medications classified as narcotic, stimulant, or controlled substance may not be self-administered or carried at school by any student at any grade level. Medications for ADD/ADHD that are classified as controlled substance must be kept, stored and given to student only by school personnel trained by school nurse. 

For medications needed to be administered at school, provide an updated medication form to the school nurse at the beginning of each academic school year and any time there is a change in the medication, dosage, administration time, or route. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for bringing the medication to the school and/or picking up unused medication at the end of the school year. Unclaimed medication will be properly disposed in a safe and proper manner.  

End of Year Medication Reminder